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Yesterday at 04:01:28 pm by Brian. | Views: 288 | Comments: 17

It has taken some time, but it is finally here, the board moderator wave of this year. Congratulations to those who have been accepted, and don't be sad if you have not, we'll start doing waves like these quite actively.

As for the ones accepted, you will be given a small introduction by myself and Traser, this will be over skype. My skype name is 'Afterpwn', Traser his name is 'djjaspe...
September 18, 2014, 04:42:22 pm by Gimli | Views: 627 | Comments: 20

SA:MP is down at the moment due to an update issue.

There's a temporary server up at - this is connected to the live database and all changes made there will be saved

The server is running the latest SA:MP server update which has much better trailer sync.
September 05, 2014, 02:30:56 am by MikeSangelo
Views: 1163 | Comments: 29

As the main ARPD domain is waiting to be brought online, Caion was able to bring up a temporary database of a fairly recent backup for us to use. Complaints, announcements, academy sessions, and discussions may resume here. We encourage every ARPD sub-section and division to make full use of the temporary forum until the primary one is back online.
August 23, 2014, 02:27:19 pm by Traser | Views: 1057 | Comments: 31

Welcome our newest Webmaster Brian., also known as Andrew Banks.

For his outstanding work on the forums in the times we really needed them, His trial has been suspended and as of now promoted to full webmaster.

The Webmaster Team now includes the following:

August 23, 2014, 12:17:07 pm by Brian. | Views: 544 | Comments: 6

We have noticed that multiple Argonath users no longer have access to their forum accounts as their linked Email addresses no longer exist or they are not sure which account it is therefore they have no access to their emails in order to obtain access to their forum accounts. Therefore I am there to assist you with this.
I will be giving you a way to regain access to your account, but the eva...
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April 29, 2014, 02:30:55 pm by exterminator | Views: 3677 | Comments: 37

Logo by Traser

About the A.R.U.N

The Re-Established Argonath RPG United Nations is a player controlled governing body of all Clans & Groups on the server. The objective of the A.R.U.N is to act as a intermediary between Clans & Groups, players and the server HQ. It is a purely player controlled body with a large range of responsibilities


A.R.U.N has many responsibilities, including handling complaints between and against Clans & Groups, going over player ideas and grievances and providing a direct means of communication with server HQ. Along with this the A.R.U.N also aims to increase roleplay on the server.


The A.R.U.N has the power to moderate Clans & Groups and will primarily handle the assignment of recognized and official Clans & Groups, along with server ideas and suggestions. Any idea will first go through the A.R.U.N, and if the player community votes in favor of it, it will be forwarded to the scripting team for feasibility.
Other than this A.R.U.N is also the prime medium of communication between the HQ and the players. One of it's prime intentions is to allow the players to communicate with server HQ in a civilized way, and to expect results. Discussions in the A.R.U.N are not like discussions in General / Ideas boards, and are given prime priority on the server.


The A.R.U.N is primarily divided into three parts. Public, Council and High Council.
  • Public -Every registered player on Argonath is automatically a member of the Public division, and it is intended to provide communication with the Council. Players can provide suggestions for the future of the community / server and to file complaints against Clans & Groups.
  • Council - The Council is the primary body of the A.R.U.N and consists of all member diplomats. It is required for all Clans & Groups on the server to be members of A.R.U.N Council, however this is not enforced. The Council does have the power of taking decisions that affect a group, regardless of whether the group is a member of Council or not. Most of the motions in the A.R.U.N are handled by Council except for official status, which is handled primarily by High Council. A majority vote of 50% is required for a motion to pass in the council, or a vote of 75% if it affects a wide range of players, involves administrative action against Clans & Groups or changes the structure of the system. Such votes also need to be approved by High Council after being passed in Council. The High Council and the HQ also possess veto power on any motions in the council if need be.
  • High Council - The third and ultimate layer of the A.R.U.N, the High Council has all the powers of Council and is able to act without consulting the Council if need be, however this is discouraged and used only when required. While it is required for all Clans & Groups to join Council, joining High Council is a privilege. In order to join High Council, a group is required to show dedication and activity in the A.R.U.N as well as on the server. Along with this, the group must make a attempt to teach their members and encourage them to follow server rules. Should a group fall inactive or at any point default on a prerequisite, they will be kicked from High Council. The High Council will also primarily ensure the assignment of Official status to Clans & Groups, as well as handle all matters that impact other Clans & Groups without their consent or impact the server at a large array. Same as Council, a vote of 50% is required to pass a motion in High Council, or 75% if it affects the server or requires administrative action.

Recognized & Official Clans & Groups

It is mandatory for all Clans & Groups on the server to join the Council once they are eligible, however this is not enforced. The council has full authority to take action against Clans & Groups regardless of whether they are members or not. This however does not apply to recognized and official Clans & Groups.
In order to be a recognized group, a group is required to be a member of Council. If a group is ever kicked out of the A.R.U.N, their recognized status goes with it. Similarly Official Clans & Groups are required to be members of High Council, and if they are ever demoted or kicked, their official status shall go with it


Note: In order to qualify for A.R.U.N council, the group is required to have at least five members. The group is also required to have been established for at least 3 weeks.

Please post the following application form below to apply for the A.R.U.N:

Code: [Select]
Name of group:
Forum name of leader/representative of the group:
URL to group's thread (If any):
Are you currently a recognized or official group?:
Name five active members of the group:

* Each group may nominate only one diplomat.
* Applications will be open for a short time only, after that i cannot guarantee when they will be reopened.

As these applications are only for group leaders, there will also be a fair amount of individual diplomats, those who do not represent any group. These individual diplomats are expected to proxy the needs and problems of the general community to the A.R.U.N and if any member needs to forward a matter to the A.R.U.N they can contact an individual diplomat. Individual diplomats will be selected on a invitation only basis

As of now, A.R.U.N is set up on two servers. SA:MP and LU. Plans are in place to include more servers in the future, but for the time being the focus will be on SA:MP and LU.

Any posts other than applications will be removed from this topic. If you have any Questions / Doubts please feel free to forum PM me.

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