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Argonath RPG MTA:SA is seeking dedicated Argonath players! (more info)

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Welcome to Argonath RPG!

After a long time we have decided to change the look and a lot of other things around the site. Perhaps you have noticed that our main site was not visited a lot, due to the information rarely being updated and it looking static. There for we have decided to use a portal page as main from now on.

The portal has many advantages for the webmasters, who are now only having to work with one type of software. Apart from that it will be more attractive for new people to see an updated and alive site.

While we made a lot of work, things might still change a bit. If you notice a bug, do not hesitate to report it in the helpdesk. And please check the menus before telling some old option is missing, we have reduced the menu size by using some drop-downs.

Today at 08:21:31 pm by Te3d | Views: 1 | Comments: 0

Your in-game name: Te3d

Your account name: Te3d
Ban reason as was stated in-game: Money cheating
Admin who banned you: James_Conway
When you were banned: 18.03.2014

Reason why you did it: My friend gave me 40K and I wanted to give them fast to him so there came an idea in my mind. when im a suspect...
Today at 08:03:51 pm by kaseem
Views: 9 | Comments: 0

Name on Argonath stunt, Argonath RPG, VC:MP, IV:MP, Minecraft, ETC (For Example: Brian, Brajun Adams)
Argonath Stunt Kaseem, Argonath RPG Kaseem., Argonath MTA KASEEM.

When did you join Argonath, and when did you join stunt? (For example, 11th of june 2007, 13th of december 2010):
Today at 06:28:57 pm by DivineP0P | Views: 86 | Comments: 4

Your in-game name:

Ban reason as was stated in-game:
Money Hack

Admin who banned you:

When you were banned:
4/21/2014 around 12:00 to 12: 15

Additional notes:
Admin found me hack money, He tried to remove it form my account but he couldnt and the money was still the same, whe...
Today at 06:28:24 pm by tifa1951
Views: 27 | Comments: 1

Hello guys

i have question about my unban request

Admin Senate review my unban to 17/4/14 but now we are 20 ^^

and no answer i was asking whats wrong ??

Good luck  ;)
Today at 05:41:34 pm by _FreezingDark_ | Views: 17 | Comments: 0

GTA: IV Multiplayer Moderator Application

Nickname: my id what i use to login is _FreezingDark_ and nick nick [AR]Freezing
Age:14, but dont think that i am yung i am very experienced
Playing since: 2014 but i am no
Today at 04:41:34 pm by PSVITA.
Views: 56 | Comments: 1

Your in-game name:

Ban reason as was stated in-game:
mass dm

Admin who banned you:
[ws]janar (my favorite admin! :D)

When you were banned:

Additional notes:
holy moly chicken tandori. why i get denied omg please im not trolling my english is not so good. i try best on school to ...
Today at 04:19:22 pm by PSVITA.
Views: 139 | Comments: 4

Your in-game name:

Ban reason as was stated in-game:
Mass DM

Admin who banned you:

When you were banned:

Additional notes:
pls unban i love argonath its my life i die for it, i want to play again. my irl friends tell me i have no life but i just love argonath argonath ...
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